OGAds and CPAGrip (and most cpa networks)
require at least some kind of reward to the users at the end of completion.
Make sure you are aware of this. (This is a general warning of most cpa networks)

If you are worried about this above – either do this method more legit or offer a “$100 Giveaway” as a one time thing and make sure you include terms of service saying something like “Giveaway winner will be announced in 2021” – Technically it’s still legit.

Ben (the owner of OGADs) is aware of this method and if you get denied for this method. He told you if anyone who has problems getting approved email accounts@ogmobi.com.

Here’s a couple of days of me doing it (You can also speak w/ anyone on OGAds and they’ll vouch this works. I have like 5 other people I taught before releasing this.) That’s just 7 days of me doing it on one of my other accounts (I have 2 ogads account). This was 2 weeks of me doing it when I was.


– OGAds account or any cpa network account.
– Access to Snapchat
– Mobile device (iPhone 6 preferred)
– Decent internet connection to receive snap messages

I’ve told a hand-full of people on what this method is and they’ve been generating $100+ a day on OGAds.com but you can do this pretty much on any cpa network and can be used for pretty much anything including affiliated marketing/adult whatever you want.

Download the Tutorial HERE

$5,500+ Per Month With Adsense WITHOUT Adsense Accounts!

This year, I am going to share one more method that will really help you to earn a decent amount of money without much work or may be some work.

If you have read my other threads, then you may know that I am a big fan of Recurring and Passive Income. I always try to build multiple income sources but I make sure that I do not have to be present actively to grow that business.

This method is really nice side hustle to earn some extra money.

Here is how it works:

In short, we are going to contact struggling YouTubers by making websites for them and keep earning money from their Adsense which is generated by the website. Sounds easy? Complicated? No worries, I will elaborate properly. Keep reading because you need to know everything before you get the idea that it’s not like any other thread where I am going to tell you to contact the YouTubers, help them to make their website and charge for it. It’s not like that and it’s much bigger than that.

First Step : Finding the Desirable Niche.

I am revealing one of the many niches I am using to earn passive money from this method. Here’s what I do. I like playing lot of games and when you love playing some game, the first thing you do is search for YouTube videos that could help you to become a pro in it.

But what I found from this method was amazing. After watching a lot of videos on my favorite game, I started to realize that I am wasting a lot of time by just playing and watching these gaming videos and I started to think how I could earn money from the game itself. That way, I could make sure I am not wasting any time playing or watching the game.

Now, I am not a super pro player in those games I play, so it was pointless for me to become a streamer, plus, it needs your time. I mean you will have to be physically present to make money from streaming. I did not want to do that.

Download the rest HERE